We serve all variants of the acquirer role of the main brands in the market

Relying on technology, we develop innovative and customized solutions in payment processing.

Why trust in our management solutions and acquiring services?

Features and advantages

  • Acquiring role: Management and processing
  • We manage merchants´s affiliation, settlement and compensation
  • Real time online operations
  • Integration with different devices through API or ISO messaging
  • Customer segmentation according to multiple criteria.
  • Enabling purchases by item and schedule.
  • Different financing methods
  • Settlement by installments and payment instruments
  • Creation of customized fraud policies
  • Time to market – reduce product launch time thanks to the autonomy offered by parametrization.
  • Automatic generation of accounting minutes by events.
  • Creation of ad-hoc reporting.
  • Configuration of promotions, deferrals, accumulation of points by type of purchase, variable rates.
  • Selection of multiple cut-off and billing cycles for customers and mercahnts
  • Tokenization
  • We provide a payment Gateway service

Acquisition processing 3.0

We handle the acquisition operations with the possibility of administering the member businesses and managing
settlement and clearing processes. Our omni-channel value proposition is based on a merchant acquiring Web API.

We manage operations in different channels such as:

  • Mobile POS
  • E-commerce
  • POS
  • PC POS
  • Proprietary system
  • APP for businesses
  • Web access