We assist all verticals of issuer processing: credit, debit, prepaid, individual and corporations.

We are an innovative and flexible company. We provide differential and customized services in the market of payment processing with the highest quality international standards.

Why trust in our payment processing solutions?

Features and advantages

  • Management of Issuer role
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Parameters system
  • Real time technology which allows to process through APIs
  • Customer segmentation according to multiple criteria
  • Purchasing enabling per sector and schedule
  • Dynamic limits and variables that allow to manage the concept of multiple wallets per product
  • Friendly integration with the systems of any entity, security controllers (LDAP integration) and companies that provide additional services (collection companies, ERPs, mail companies, among others)
  • Creation of fraud policies with parameters
  • Time to market- reduced time to launch new products thanks to the autonomy that parameter setting offers
  • Automatic generation of accounting minutes for events
  • Configuration of promotions, postponements, reward accumulation for type of purchase, variable rates, among others
  • Parameterized fees and installments per customer and other criteria for customer segmentation
  • We provide web APIs and their corresponding integration library services
  • Tokenization

Issuer processing

  • Credit cards
  • Private label credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • T Private label cards and prepaid cards
  • Corporate prepaid cards
  • Virtual cards
  • Contactless technology