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The Website located in URL: belongs fully and exclusively to GPSA and its purpose is to provide information about its company and the products and services it offers, allow access to API guides, and display a section of Careers for those who may be interested.

All the information included in the Website is summarized and shall never be deemed complete and thorough on any of the topics covered.

All the content, which means text, information, graphics, images, logos, brands, computing programs, databases, designs, APIs, functional architecture and any other material (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) published on the Website may be used only as information source.

GPSA reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the content, presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as required conditions to access and/or navigate the latter.


All the information contained on the Website is intended for general understanding of the Users regards the organization and structure of GPSA and the products and services it offers. The information that the Users may get through the Website is merely informative. Any enquiries or doubts about the information should be channeled through email to the following address: [email protected].


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The User shall fully take any responsibility that may arise from any forbidden use of the Website and shall indemnify GPSA for any procedure or process that may arise from these wrong uses.


The User agrees and accepts that he is solely responsible for the use of the Website and its Content.

The User shall be liable for damages of any nature that GPSA and/or the Website may suffer as a consequence of breach of any obligations derived from these Terms and Conditions. The User agrees to

indemnify GPSA and/or any of its affiliated companies, licensors, suppliers and licensees from and against all loss, expense, damage and cost that may arise from any violation of the applicable laws and regulations, and to these Terms and Conditions upon the execution of said violations, by act or omission by the User. In addition, the violations of these Terms and Conditions will give GPSA the right to disable or block the responsible Users to access and/or navigate the Website.

GPSA is not responsible for damages of any nature that may be caused by entering and/or navigating the Website and its Content therein published or in another website that may contain hyperlinks to the Website.

Nor GPSA, nor any person involved in the creation, production or publishing of the Website, or any other website connected to the latter, will be held liable in any way or by any extension for any type of damage, direct or indirect, mediate, immediate, consequent, loss of profits and/or loss of chance, caused by accessing the information contained in the Website, or by any mistake, omission, delay or outdating of the Website´s Content.


GPSA does not guarantee availability and/or continuity of the Website´s operation. GPSA excludes any liability that may arise from damages of any nature that may be caused by to the lack of availability or continuity of the Website´s and/or any of its Content´s operation.

GPSA does not guarantee that the Website and/or its Content are useful for executing any activity in particular. GPSA excludes any liability that may arise from damages of any nature that may be caused from the defrauding of the use that Users may be giving to the Website and/or its Content.

GPSA excludes from all liability for damages of any nature that may be caused by unauthorized third parties actions regarding personal data of the Users.

GPSA does not previously control and does not guarantee the absence of virus in the Website´s Content, nor the absence of other elements that may alter the User´s computer system (software and hardware) or electronic documents and files stored in the User´s computer system.


The Content of the website is protected by the current laws in Argentina, including, but not limited to, the laws on copyright, patents, branding, utility rights, industrial designs and domain name. The Content as well as its improvements and/or modifications published on the Website belong to GPSA and/or its content suppliers. The Content is provided to inform Users, and should be used with the same purposes as it was created and provided.

The collection, interconnection, operability and availability of the Website´s Content belongs exclusively to GPSA. The unauthorized use, adaptation, reproduction and/or marketing of the Content may be punishable by the current laws in the Argentine Republic.

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In case of using the Website´s material in a different way than by accessing its content through the use of a web browser, the User shall request GPSA the corresponding authorization by sending an email to [email protected].


When the section “Careers” is used, or when the API´s guides are consulted, and/or whenever an enquiry or claim is made to GPSA, the User will require to provide GPSA certain data that may include, for identification purposes and/or an account creation among others, name and last name, address, email and phone number.

GPSA shall not reveal to third parties your personal data without previous consent, except when necessary to comply with the current laws and/or legal procedures, when said information is relevant.

Please read the Privacy Policy to learn the details regarding the use of your personal data and the use requirements.

The User shall be responsible for all the uses of its account, whether they are authorized or not by the User. The User shall notify GPSA immediately of any unauthorized use of its account and/or password.

The Users that provide data to the Website guarantee that said data is true, accurate, valid and authentic, and agree to maintain it duly updated, informing GPSA of any modification by updating the information in their corresponding account, or by contacting [email protected].

In addition, GPSA reserves the right to cancel or suspend, temporarily or definitely, an account, in case it finds inconsistencies in the information provided by the User, without letting such decision generate rights to the User for compensation and damages.


GPSA reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, temporarily or definitely, without these measures being subject to any requirement, nor the right to claim for damages on behalf of the User. The modifications may be informed through, by email provided by the User, and/or other means of mass communication.

Nonetheless, we suggest that each time you decide to enter the Website you read these Terms and Conditions and verify if they have been modified. Modifications made on these Terms and Conditions will be effective thirty (30) days from the publishing date, except for justified inability.


These Terms and Conditions are ruled by the laws of the Argentine Republic, without regard to conflicts of law provisions. Any action derived from these Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the tribunals and courts with competence in commercial matters in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires of the Argentine Republic.